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1984-2006 Harley Davidson Transmissions

+1 Oil Pan
Discontinued Out of Stock
Baker Drivetrain bought a new 2007 FL to use for 7-speed transmission development work. The first thing Baker Drivetrain noticed was how hot the damn ..
Baker Drivetrain Big Twin Smooth Shift Kit. The design principles that made our Six-Speed Overdrive shift so smooth were applied to create a shift dru..
Baker Drivetrain Hydraulic Side Covers was one of the first parts in the FF product line. Baker Drivetrain took away all the ‘fat’ of the standard aft..
Baker Drivetrain  Oil Spout Spacer Kit. If you install a high horsepower starter motor on your 1993-2006 FLT-FLH, the oil spout will interfere wi..
PowerBox 6-Speed
Discontinued Out of Stock
The design directives for the TorqueBox were clearly established in the early stages of development. This flagship gearbox had to have a 250 ft-lb tor..
Baker Drivetrain Primary Chain Adjuster Shoe. Replacement Fat Shoe for special applications...
Baker Drivetran Primary Rebuild Kit. This all-inclusive convenient kit is designed to freshen up those high mileage bikes, prevent leakage, and i..
Baker Drivetrain Replacement Main Drive Gear Bore End Seal. This is a replacement main drive gear bore end seal. It's great!..
Baker Drivetrain Replacement Neutral Switch. Replacement neutral switches that have been tested to be dependable. See the next "Fitment" tab to identi..
Baker Drivetrain Replacement Pawl Shaft Seal. This is a replacement pawl shaft seal that we found to last the longest...
Baker Drivetrain Replacement Sprocket Spacer Seal. This is a replacement sprocket spacer seal that we found lasts longest...
Baker Drivetrain highly recommend the +1 Oil Pan for S&S© T124 applications. It makes a lot of power and a lot of heat. The oil feed and return on..
If you are a seasoned technician, you have seen a severely worn sprocket spacer. Over time and miles with dirt and grit, the stock 33334-85, 33344-94&..
Baker Drivetrain TC88B Softail Oil Line Adapter Kit. 2000-2006 Softail Models Require BAKER PN TCSO-A, Oil Line Adapter Kit. This kit enable..
TorqueBox 6-Speed, Left Side Drive (TB6)
Out of Stock
Baker Drivetrain TorqueBox 6-Speed, Left Side Drive (TB6). It is torque and not horsepower that destroys clutches, transmissions, and drive belts. The..
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