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1936-1984 Harley Davidson Transmissions

4-Speed Complete Transmission
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Favored by those inspired by the old school cool, garage builders and riders of the nostalgic persuasion this transmission offers the worry-free conve..
Made to satisfy the old school tendencies while providing the ability to run reasonable RPM’s at highway speeds. Panhead and Shovelhead riders will lo..
Baker Drivetrain started making 6-into-4 transmissions with kickers over five years ago. At the time, Baker could only purchase some Taiwanese sh..
PedalOur pedal is cast out of 876 bronze, machined to specs then put through a blast machine where the part is hit with steel bead shot, work hardenin..
You know the sad story. The torque on the clutch nut backs off a hair and the key on the transmission mainshaft shears off. This usually happens at th..
Tin Type Primary
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FEATURESBillet 6061-T6 aluminum inner and outer primary housings available in steel shot blasted or show polished finish Available in kick on..
4-Speed N1 Shift Systems: Eliminates the possibility of catching neutral on a 1-2 upshift. A quadriplegic could find neutral on a hand shift bike..
Kick starting a 74-inch motor with 7.5:1 compression ratio is one thing; kicking a healthy 93-inch motor is quite another. Our kicker covers are desig..
We understand the love affair with your vintage motorcycle, there’s nothing like putting authentic, vintage styled components on your nostalgic bike. ..
Stash Tube
Out of Stock
The term ‘crank’ was coined because some road dogs used to put their crystal meth in the crankcases of their engines to hide it from Johnny Law. But c..
Speedo worm gears are hard to come by so we decided to make our own. We replicated the original 40 degree tooth form to match the OEM stock 4-speed wh..
Neutral Switch Plug
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If you don’t use a neutral switch, this plug replaces the neutral switch in 4, 5 and 6 speed top covers for that clean look. Made out of Billet 6061-T..
Derby and Inspection Cover Kit
Out of Stock
The Tin Type Primary does not come with the derby and inspection covers, these must be purchased separately...
The Clutch Release Arm Kit is needed in order to run your stock style clutch cable setup, features a 10-degree release arm to clear a modern starter a..
Outside Bearing Support
Out of Stock
For BAKER 6-into-4 & 4 Speeds with ear case. Running no motor plate removes the inner primary mainshaft bearing support. This induces stress on th..
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