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Baker Drivetrain

+1 Oil Pan
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Baker Drivetrain bought a new 2007 FL to use for 7-speed transmission development work. The first thing Baker Drivetrain noticed was how hot the damn ..
Ex Tax:$499.00
4-Speed Complete Transmission
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Favored by those inspired by the old school cool, garage builders and riders of the nostalgic persuasion this transmission offers the worry-free conve..
Ex Tax:$2,995.00
Stronger than the original for those with more abusive inclinations!Prevent damage to your motorcycles left side motor case bearings, inner primary be..
Ex Tax:$279.00
Baker Drivetrain Big Twin Smooth Shift Kit. The design principles that made our Six-Speed Overdrive shift so smooth were applied to create a shift dru..
Ex Tax:$454.00
BAKER Drivetrain unveils the final solution to the late model compensator problems. The new BAKER Drivetrain compensator sprocket is engineered with a..
Ex Tax:$599.00
The GrudgeBox is an all spur 6-speed overdrive transmission that delivers uncompromised performance in all gears and significantly more torque capacit..
Ex Tax:$3,495.00
Baker Drivetrain Hydraulic Side Covers was one of the first parts in the FF product line. Baker Drivetrain took away all the ‘fat’ of the standard aft..
Ex Tax:$320.00
Baker Drivetrain  Oil Spout Spacer Kit. If you install a high horsepower starter motor on your 1993-2006 FLT-FLH, the oil spout will interfere wi..
Ex Tax:$29.75
PowerBox 6-Speed
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The design directives for the TorqueBox were clearly established in the early stages of development. This flagship gearbox had to have a 250 ft-lb tor..
Ex Tax:$3,505.00
Baker Drivetrain Primary Chain Adjuster Shoe. Replacement Fat Shoe for special applications...
Ex Tax:$39.00
Baker Drivetran Primary Rebuild Kit. This all-inclusive convenient kit is designed to freshen up those high mileage bikes, prevent leakage, and i..
Ex Tax:$119.00
Baker Drivetrain Replacement Main Drive Gear Bore End Seal. This is a replacement main drive gear bore end seal. It's great!..
Ex Tax:$3.95
Baker Drivetrain Replacement Neutral Switch. Replacement neutral switches that have been tested to be dependable. See the next "Fitment" tab to identi..
Ex Tax:$24.00
Baker Drivetrain Replacement Pawl Shaft Seal. This is a replacement pawl shaft seal that we found to last the longest...
Ex Tax:$3.95
Baker Drivetrain Replacement Sprocket Spacer Seal. This is a replacement sprocket spacer seal that we found lasts longest...
Ex Tax:$7.75
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