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Morris Magneto P6 - Condensor. For normal riding, built to take the rigors of AC current.For Morris Magneto Exploded View with MPN Click hereDown..
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Outside Bearing Support
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For BAKER 6-into-4 & 4 Speeds with ear case. Running no motor plate removes the inner primary mainshaft bearing support. This induces stress on th..
Ex Tax:$189.00
Kick starting a 74-inch motor with 7.5:1 compression ratio is one thing; kicking a healthy 93-inch motor is quite another. Our kicker covers are desig..
Ex Tax:$695.00
Speedo worm gears are hard to come by so we decided to make our own. We replicated the original 40 degree tooth form to match the OEM stock 4-speed wh..
Ex Tax:$96.00
Dual plug, dual fire operation. Tons of power. Recommended hook-up is one mag does left plugs, the other does the right (added) plugs.For Morris Magne..
Ex Tax:$2,149.00
4-Speed N1 Shift Systems: Eliminates the possibility of catching neutral on a 1-2 upshift. A quadriplegic could find neutral on a hand shift bike..
Ex Tax:$259.00
Baker Drivetrain started making 6-into-4 transmissions with kickers over five years ago. At the time, Baker could only purchase some Taiwanese sh..
Ex Tax:$349.00
Baker Drivetrain Replacement Main Drive Gear Bore End Seal. This is a replacement main drive gear bore end seal. It's great!..
Ex Tax:$3.95
KKC: King Kong Clutch
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"Torque capacity of a clutch is dictated by the diameter and the number of clutch plates.”So the goal was to implement the biggest diameter clutch pla..
Ex Tax:$1,495.00
Baker Drivetrain DD5 is not just a replacement for the stock 5-Speed. Whether you’re going down the drag strip or you’re cruising down the road, the t..
Ex Tax:$3,695.00
Baker Drivetrain TC88B Softail Oil Line Adapter Kit. 2000-2006 Softail Models Require BAKER PN TCSO-A, Oil Line Adapter Kit. This kit enable..
Ex Tax:$35.00
Morris Magneto P2 - Black Cap. Cap, Bakelite. Fairbanks-Morse and original Harley DavidsonFor Morris Magneto Exploded View with MPN Click hereDow..
Ex Tax:$42.95

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12 Apr S&S® V-Series Engines Installation Instructions
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INTRODUCTION The S&S® engine you have purchased is an air-cooled, v-twin. It is designed to offer Proven Performance® and reliability. Specifications for the 31⁄2", 35⁄8", 4", and 41/8" bore engines a..
17 Sep Baker Drivetrain Compensator Sprocket for Twin Cam & M8 Models Installation Instructions
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Baker Drivetrain Compensator Sprocket Kit FEATURES The BAKER 730-67 & 730-M8 Compensator Kit features improved function, quieter operation, and extended durability over the stock Factory configuration..
11 Sep Ultima® Evo competition series Engines Instructions
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Ultima® Evo competition series Engines Instructions General Specifications 80” - 113” Displacement CI 100 Ci 107 Ci 113 Ci Displacement CC/CI 1643..
08 Sep Ultima Engines Displacement Codes - Case
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Ultima Factory Built Engine Codes - Beginning With My'12 Engines. CODE FAMILY DISPLACEMENT CE12xxxxA EVO 100 CE12x..
05 Sep Ultima® Shovelhead Engines Instructions
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Ultima® Shovelhead Engines Instructions General Specifications 96” Displacement CI 96 Ci Displacement CC 1564 Bore 3.625” ..
04 Sep Ultima® Complete Competition Series Engines for Evolution® - Dimensions
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Ultima® Evo Engine Dimensions ENGINE C.I. BORE SIZE DIM'A' DIM 'B' DIM'C' DIM'D' DIM'E' DIM 'F' DIM'G' 100, 107, 113..
26 Aug Morris Magneto KATT timing & testing tool Operation Instructions
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Morris Magneto KATT timing & testing tool Operation InstructionsIt is recommended that you disconnect spark plug wires to prevent starting on all Morris Magneto ‘5’ series magnetos. Set any kill switc..
15 Aug Baker Drivetrain S&S Adapter kit for the BAKER +1 Oil Pan Installation Instructions
Semigalls Custom Motorcycles 0
Baker Drivetrain Oil Line Adapter Block Kit INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS FOR BAKER DRIVETRAIN PN 5QT-1160 OVERVIEW We highly recommend the +1 Oil Pan for S&S© T124 applications. S&S© motors make a lot of..
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