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Baker Drivetrain Grudge Box Baker Drivetrain Grudge Box
The World’s Most Advanced Transmission For Harley-Davidson
tightly-tuned & Tough overdrive 6-speed
Learn more about Baker Drivetrain Grudge Box
Morris Magnetto Magnetos Morris Magnetto Magnetos
The World’s Fastest Motorcycle Ignition
Your bike starts here
Learn more about Morris Magnetto
Pingel Fuel Power Flo Valves. We Pass More Gas Pingel Fuel Power Flo Valves. We Pass More Gas
Don’t Let Your Stock OEM Petcock
Be Your Carburetor’s Main Jet
We Pass More Gas
Learn more about Pingel Fuel Valves

Baker transmissions, Bandit Clutches & Belt Drives, Morris Magneto,
S&S Cycle and Ultima Engines and Parts, Motogadget Electronics, Venhill Hidraulic hoses, Biltwell Helmets

Baker Drivetrain, Bandit Machine Works, Morris Magneto,
S&S Cycle, Ultima, Pingel, Kustom Tech, Motogadget, Biltwell, Venhill
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Brand: Kustom Tech
Kustom Tech Deluxe Line 2 Button Switch Housing Brass (Raw)From forged brass construction, Deluxe Line switch housing comes in 5 different finishes.It..
Brand: Kustom Tech
Made from forged aluminium body, our DELUXE line cable control comes in aluminum clamp with brass or aluminum lever, perfectly matching our deluxe mas..
Known to fail, BAKER took the all-too-common-looking stock shifter and improved it in every way with a new design. The most common issue with the..
PedalOur pedal is cast out of 876 bronze, machined to specs then put through a blast machine where the part is hit with steel bead shot, work hardenin..
From an engineering standpoint, it is difficult to design a machine or mechanism that achieves multiple objectives with minimal compromise. An amphibi..
This Morris Magneto Branded ignition wrench makes installing a mag much easier.  Anyone who's fought with a standard straight wrench installing o..
Brand: Kustom Tech
Kustom Tech DELUXE LINE BRAKE MASTER CYLINDER 12mm (15/32”) ALUMINUM (raw). Made from forged aluminium body, DELUXE line master cylinder comes in alum..
Pingel® Power-Flo Fuel Valve 6311-CRDT. This round detent valve with levers has positive stops for the On, Reserve and a detent for the Off in the cen..
Picking the right transmission fluid ensures the life and durability of your transmission, that’s why BAKER recommends a fully synthetic GL-5 rated ge..
Baker Drivetrain highly recommend the +1 Oil Pan for S&S© T124 applications. It makes a lot of power and a lot of heat. The oil feed and return on..
Set of 4 magneto base plate screws. 1/4-20 Jackson flat head, slotted.For Morris Magneto Exploded View with MPN Click hereDownload Morris Ma..
Pingel® Power-Flo Fuel Valve 6331-CH. Single -6AN Outlet Reserve Fuel ValveSingel outlet reserve valve in a hex design with a -6AN outlet with 22..

From the Tech Articles

24 Jan Venhill Powerhose Plus Hydraulic Lines & Fittings
Semigalls Custom Motorcycles 0
Venhill Powerhose Plus Hydraulic Lines is the factory tested customer friendly brake line system designed to cut out the hassle and uncertainty associated with old style hoses. Venhill’s Powerhose Pl..
23 Feb Motogadget mo.unit basic & mo.unit blue Installation Instructions
Semigalls Custom Motorcycles 0
Motogadget mo.unit basic mo.unit blue Installation Instructions only valid from serial no. 00074000 (refer to serial sticker on the device)and from Firmware 1045 Technical Data and Functions General d..
06 Feb Pingel high performance fuel valves VS OEM fuel valves
Semigalls Custom Motorcycles 0
When you think of high performance fuel valves, think Pingel® Walk into the pit area of any drag strip, pick up any performance or custom oriented magazine and you’ll find a Pingel® product there. Alm..
05 Feb Ultima Engine Reference Guide - ULTIMA® 100, 107, 113 C.I., CE SERIES CASE
Semigalls Custom Motorcycles 0
Ultima Engine Reference Guide In an effort to make servicing your V-Twin® engine easier, Ultima have put together what we believe to be the most comprehensive list of replacement parts for the heart o..
10 Jan Biltwell Helmet sizes & fitment guidelines
Semigalls Custom Motorcycles 0
The best way to determine the correct size of your new Biltwell Bonanza, Gringo, Gringo S, and Lane Splitter Helmet is to try one on. If this isn't possible, follow the steps below and refer to the ch..
04 Oct Pingel Power-Flo Fuel Valve Application Chart
Semigalls Custom Motorcycles 0
There are a few things you will need to know before ordering your Pingel Fuel Valve. This application chart is designed to guide you, however, it is still helpful to know the following things: What Se..
12 Apr S&S® V-Series Engines Installation Instructions
Semigalls Custom Motorcycles 0
INTRODUCTION The S&S® engine you have purchased is an air-cooled, v-twin. It is designed to offer Proven Performance® and reliability. Specifications for the 31⁄2", 35⁄8", 4", and 41/8" bore engines a..
17 Sep Baker Drivetrain Compensator Sprocket for Twin Cam & M8 Models Installation Instructions
Semigalls Custom Motorcycles 0
Baker Drivetrain Compensator Sprocket Kit FEATURES The BAKER 730-67 & 730-M8 Compensator Kit features improved function, quieter operation, and extended durability over the stock Factory configuration..
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