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Morris Magneto

The Morris Magneto Story

Magnetos are one of the finest things you can have on your bike. They’re literally the ‘V-Twin’ of ignitions. Simple and efficient, high performance, and a look you can’t beat… but it took Morris to make them dependable! Since 1970, the Morris Magneto goal has been making easy-starting and reliable magnetos for only motorcycles. Unlike the mags others offer, we think broken down and on a pickup truck is not an option. Today, we make magneto models that will out-start other ignitions, no battery required, or even with electric start bikes. All ours can retard for starting… ‘kick-backs’ and spits become starts. Only from Morris Magneto.

And Morris Magneto don’t stop there

With access to original F-M blueprints, not left ‘guessing’ at specs like others, Morris Magneto are able to design and build prototypes using new technologies and rare-earth magnets to insure you get unequaled quality products. Morris Magneto build bullet-proof rotors, the heart of a magneto. Morris Magneto CNC billet housings are unmatched for strength and accuracy. Morris Magneto offer the only impulse start motorcycle mags available.

Morris Magneto M5 - for Alt. Big Twins. Only available from Morris Magneto... Morris Magneto - 5 series of impulse coupled magnetos for incredibl..
Ex Tax:$1,995.00
Harley Davidson and Fairbanks-Morse NOS screws with captive lock washers. Set of 4.For Morris Magneto Exploded View with MPN Click hereDownload&n..
Ex Tax:$9.16
Morris Magneto does not have an Ignition Switch, but this is the place to switch. Keyswitch Cap, lock is Ace security type tubular keyed (2). Ours has..
Ex Tax:$95.00
Fully Automatic Morris Magneto for Twin Cam Harley-Davidsons ONLY Twin Cam magneto with Morris Magneto Impulse Coupling, for great starting; same..
Ex Tax:$1,995.00
Only available from Morris Magneto... Morris Magneto -5 series of impulse coupled magnetos for incredible starts. Fully automatic and compatible ..
Ex Tax:$2,159.00
Morris Magneto P2 - Black Cap. Cap, Bakelite. Fairbanks-Morse and original Harley DavidsonFor Morris Magneto Exploded View with MPN Click hereDow..
Ex Tax:$42.95
Morris Magneto Timing & Testing Tool - KATTConsidered a  must-have item, easy to use tool to set your timing accurately. Also useful to test ..
Ex Tax:$89.95
Morris MM74L Magneto for Alternator Big Twin Harley Davidsons. Manual retard, auto advance. For '70 and later Big Twins.For Morris Magneto MM74L Insta..
Ex Tax:$1,495.00
Morris Magneto P3 - Cap Gasket. Cap gasket, silicone coated paper .060.  Only 1/8 turn past hand-tight is required.For Morris Magneto Explod..
Ex Tax:$9.49
Dual plug, dual fire operation. Tons of power. Recommended hook-up is one mag does left plugs, the other does the right (added) plugs.For Morris Magne..
Ex Tax:$2,149.00
Morris Magneto P4 - Points ClipFor Morris Magneto Exploded View with MPN Click hereDownload Morris Magneto Exploded View with MPN Click Here..
Ex Tax:$3.19
Don't be confused, Morris Magneto sell the F-M and H-D stock type OEM point set.  They cost more but last much longer, so you save in the long ru..
Ex Tax:$32.95
Morris Magneto P6 - Condensor. For normal riding, built to take the rigors of AC current.For Morris Magneto Exploded View with MPN Click hereDown..
Ex Tax:$16.95
Set of 7 screws with captive lockwashers for top bearing support, points, and condensor.For Morris Magneto Exploded View with MPN Click hereDownl..
Ex Tax:$14.30
Wake up that old tired magneto! The old cast plate with stripped holes, loose bearings, mis-alignment... a real failure-ridden POS! Morris Magneto&nbs..
Ex Tax:$53.90
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