Venhill Powerhose Plus Hydraulic Lines

is the factory tested customer friendly brake line system designed to cut out the hassle and uncertainty associated with old style hoses. Venhill’s Powerhose Plus brake lines are factory finished and are the same at both ends with 1/8th BSP swivel socket nuts which simply tighten on to the chosen fittings for your machine.

Venhill Powerhose Plus Lines

are manufactured from smooth bore Teflon tubing with a stainless steel overbraid which in turn is covered by a PVC coating in a variety of colours. The hose itself has a minimum burst pressure of 13000 PSI (950 BAR). The socket nuts fitted at the ends are also in stainless steel so the complete line is corrosion free.


of Venhill Powerhose Plus makes it a truly universal, stress free and self aligning system. With the correct banjos and unions fitted and the correct length brake lines chosen, it all just bolts together.

All the fittings have the widely accepted 1/8” BSP thread and are fully re-usable. The banjo connectors are available as straight and angled versions. The banjo bolts are available in four different thread sizes to suit – Suzukis and most European machines – Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki and Hinkley Triumphs – Norton and Meriden Triumphs – Harley Davidson.

The banjos, bolts and connectors etc are available in stainless steel or in a high quality chrome plated finish for the more cost conscious. BUT BEWARE, do not be tempted to use coloured and anodised alloy fittings from other sources as alloys and stainless steels do not mix. To do so creates a corrosive effect and it could render your machine unsafe and/or possibly fail a Ministry test. Use only the quality fittings recommended and supplied by Venhill.


 Venhill Powerhose Plus brake lines are your guarantee of safety and peace of mind. Each line is a manufactured part which is then gas pressure tested to 1500 PSI (110 BAR) in the Dorking factory. This unique testing procedure means that the brake line you have purchased (or are considering purchasing) has been made to – and achieved the highest possible standard.


 Venhill Powerhose Plus brake lines are now manufactured to TUV and DOT approved standards. In order to pass the stringent test,  Venhill’s  brake lines have had to withstand a 10,000psi burst pressure test, 1,445N tensile test and a 35 hour ‘whip test’ during which our brake lines were continuosly battered to check for resistence to fatigue. With this internationally recognised badge of quality, Venhill customers can be confident that their brake and clutch lines will withstand anything they encounter.


Venhill’s testing process is not confined to the factory. Venhill’s tested and used our controls in the motorsport world for more than 35 years. Venhill’s have a simple policy - They don't pay don’t pay riders to use  Venhill’s  products.  Venhill’s will provide their teams with the control cables and brake lines they need.  Venhill’s  know that if a rider chooses us, he’s choosing us because we’re the best - not because he’s been paid to do so.


 Venhill Powerhose Plus hoses from Venhill feature a PVC coating over the stainless steel braiding. The coating serves as an extra protection for the hose and also saves paintwork and polished finishes which may otherwise have been scuffed by bare hoses. The coating comes in the following colours; Red, blue, neon blue, yellow, orange, purple, green, black, white, and clear.

The clear covering means the stainless over braiding is highly visible so the quality finish and style can still be very much appreciated.


Complete brake line kits for the more popular road bikes are available. The individual kits comprise all the brake lines, banjos and fittings for a particular make and model of machine. All the components are brought together under just one part number so buying Venhill Powerhose Plus is now even easier.

Where appropriate there are two line race layout conversions and rear hose kits and it is an easy way to buy a technical product if you have a Fireblade, ZZR11, R1, R6, Hayabusa etc.


European and British champions speak volumes for Venhill’s motocross and off road brake lines. Although still featuring the low expansion stainless steel braided hose as the heart of the product the off road brake lines are special in that they feature rigid sections, protective boots and special sleevings for off road competition.

used by Relentless Hooper Suzuki; UTag Dixon Yamaha; Jacky Martens Racing KTM; Dave Clarke Racing.

1177 DOT 4 PLUS

This is a high specification DOT 4 brake fluid formulated to work with Teflon lined braided hose and conventional lines. Exceeds ISO 4925, US FMVSS 116 and Japanese standard K2233. Comes in the 250ml size.


To fitVenhill Powerhose Plus you will need an 11mm spanner together with a 6mm allen wrench for any banjo bolts. Please adhere to the following:-

  1. Double check thread compatibility for master cylinder and callipers.
  2. Loosely assemble brake lines to end fittings and attach to the machine. Remember to renew all copper washers where used.
  3. Ensure that hoses are correctly routed – use the same routing as manufacturers original.
  4. Tighten all connections (do not over tighten).
  5. Check operation of fork and suspension arm to ensure that brake lines do not become trapped or stressed.
  6. Bleed system in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions.
  7. Check all connections for leakage under pressure (operate brake lever and pressurise system).
  8. Inspect regularly.


THREE EASY STEPS PVenhill Powerhose Plus takes the hassle out of brake line replacement for the dealer and the user. Nothing could be simpler. If your machine is not listed in the Venhill Powerhose Plus application list (consult your dealer) follow these three easy steps.

  1. Measure existing brake lines (as per diagram below), and identify your requirements.
  2. Select the appropriate lines and fittings from the Venhill Powerhose Plus range contained in this article and order from our stockist.
  3. Fit to your machine.


When calculating the dimensions of the replacement brake line – the original must be measured from the centre of the banjo at one end of the hose to the centre of the banjo at the opposite end of the hose. This gives the overall length of the brake line including fittings. To calculate the brake line without fittings deduct 40mm from the overall length. If the brake line is still fitted to the machine this measurement can be obtained with the careful use of a flexible tape measure. Be sure to follow the contours of the old hose exactly.

When connected up, brake lines should have an amount of ‘free play’, they must not be strained or placed under tension.


WARNING: Do not use a line with a shorter measurement than the original!


are available from your local stockist in lengths between 100mm and 1000mm in 25mm increments. Longer lines are also available on a special order basis. You can also customise your brake lines with coloured Spiro wrap or Shrink tubing supplied in 1m lengths.


As you see there is a wide variety of brake line fittings so you must be careful to select the right type of fitting and the correct thread. Once you have selected the fitting the following table will help you to identify the thread:-

  1. Suzuki and most European machines 10 x 1mm/10x1.25mm Honda,Yamaha,KawasakiandTriumph 10x1.25mm
  2. Early Triumph and Norton 3/8 UNF
  3. Harley Davidson 7/16 + 3/8 UNF


ll fittings (unless specified) are fully available in stainless steel or chrome plated mild steel.


3/60081-3 straight extended neck
3/6008220 degree
3/6008490 degree
3/6008520 degree side bend
3/60082R20 degree with 20 degree side bend Right
3/60082L20 degree with 20 degree side bend Left
3/6008675 degree
3/6008745 degree
3/600887/16th (stainless steel)


110125D10 x 1.25
110375D3/8 UNF
110716D7/16 (Stainless)
710100-L10 x 1 with light switch (zinc only)
710125-L10 x 1.25 with light switch (zinc only)
210125D10 x 1.25
210375D3/8 UNF
210716D7/16 (Stainless)
‭81010010‬10 x 1 with light switch (zinc only)
81012510‬10 x 1.25 with light switch (zinc only)
‭Banjo bolts fitted with bleed nipples are also available.‬


3/60100A10 x 1 Convex
3/70100A10 x 1 Concave
3/60125A10 x 1.25 Convex
3/70125A10 x 1.25 Concave
3/60375A3/8 UNF Convex
3/70375A3/8 UNF Concave
Bulkhead Adaptors
3/80100A10 x 1
3/80125A10 x 1.25
3/80375A3/8 UNF


3/60100FA10 x 1
3/60125FA10 x 1.25
3/60375FA3/8 UNF


776 1/8 BSP(chrome or nickel)
HD776AHarley Davidson pressure switch