Morris Magneto KATT timing & testing tool Operation Instructions

It is recommended that you disconnect spark plug wires to prevent starting on all Morris Magneto ‘5’ series magnetos. Set any kill switch(s) to the ON position. Hook up one of the clip leads to the kill wire stud, and the other lead to ground. Switch tool on. Adjust the magneto according to engine timing requirements so that ‘OPEN’ lights up, indicating the moment points open, which is when the magneto spark occurs. Do not start or run engine with tester connected. Can also be used on battery ignition systems, or to test relay coils, but battery must be disconnected first.

With the inherent low draw from the circuitry and LED lights, expect long life from the battery, but the unit must be switched off when you are done and tool is put away. Unit uses a 9V battery (4 AA’s on lights-only model), and will need to be replaced if voltage drops below 3V.