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15 Nov Baker Drivetrain 6 into 4 Complete Transmission Installation Instructions
Semigalls Custom Motorcycles 0 4115
BAKER DRIVETRAIN 6-INTO-4 INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS Features6061-T6 billet case and trap door provides more strength over the stock cast case BAKER™ Klassic Kickers gears installed with kicker t..
14 Nov Baker Drivetrain 4 Speed Transmission Installation Instructions
Semigalls Custom Motorcycles 0 5209
Baker Drivetrain 4 Speed Transmission P/N: 4-7090 (4 Speed Transmission; 1970-E1984 Splined Mainshaft) 4-70E84 (4 Speed Transmission; ..
27 Jun Baker Drivetrain 2 Piece Oil Pan
Semigalls Custom Motorcycles 0 2018
Baker Drivetrain + 1oil Pan installation FEATURES:2 piece Billet Aircraft Grade 6061-T6 Aluminum Reduces engine oil temperature by 10 degrees on an 80 degree day. Multiple integral baffles eliminate..
27 Jun Baker Drivetrain 1 Piece oil pan
Semigalls Custom Motorcycles 0 2436
Baker Drivetrain + 1 oil Pan installation FEATURES1 piece Cast A356-T6 Aluminum Reduces engine oil temperature by 10 degrees on an 80 degree day Multiple integral baffles eliminate the stock plastic..
25 Jun Baker Drivetrain 9 - plate street performance clutch installation
Semigalls Custom Motorcycles 0 2483
FEATURES66 Tooth ring gear that is 23% larger than stock 1 Piece steel clutch basket 9 Kevlar friction plates Blue anodized carrier and pressure plate Hard anodized inner hub for durabi..
15 Jun Calculate RPM For A Given Speed In Top Gear
Semigalls Custom Motorcycles 0 3112
Calculate Rpm For A Given Speed In Top Gear We offer 35, 36, 37, and 38 tooth clutch sprockets with our clutches so that you can dial in your overall gear ratio. Here you can experiment with your over..
07 Jun Baker Drivetrain Attitude Chain Adjuster Installation Instructions
Semigalls Custom Motorcycles 0 5529
BAKER DRIVETRAIN ATTITUDE CHAIN ADJUSTER FEATURES The Attitude Chain Adjuster solves the issues associated with the stock auto chain tensioner on 2006-Later Dyna & 2007-Later Softail/ Touring models...
01 Jun Baker Drivetrain Grudgebox Installation
Semigalls Custom Motorcycles 0 7631
ABOUT BAKER DRIVETRAIN GRUDGEBOX INTRODUCTION The GrudgeBox is an all spur 6-speed overdrive transmission that delivers uncompromised performance in all gears and significantly more torque capacity th..
19 May Baker Drivetrain Right Side Drive (RSD) Powerbox
Semigalls Custom Motorcycles 0 5103
Baker Drivetrain RSD Powerbox OverviewFEATURESThe new BAKER PowerBox; sculpted mechanical architecture laced with TorqueBox design cues and shrink wrapped around the gears to yield the smallest transm..
18 May Oil and Spiders
Semigalls Custom Motorcycles 0 2291
More transmissions than you might believe get returned to BAKER Drivetrain for repair because the end user forgot to put oil in the unit. The complaint is usually excessive noise and difficulty shifti..
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