Ultima Engine Reference Guide

In an effort to make servicing your V-Twin® engine easier, Ultima have put together what we believe to be the most comprehensive list of replacement parts for the heart of your motorcycle. We hope that this reference guide serves as more than just a book, we envision this guide as more of a tool that can be used for years to come. Starting with the Evolution® family of engines this reference guide, through time, will expand to include Shovelhead®, Panhead® & other older Vintage V-Twin® engines.

Every attempt has been made to insure proper fitment of our parts for the applications listed in this guide. It is the end users responsibility to exercise good judgement in the part selection, installation & maintenance of their motor when installing parts referred to in this reference guide. Ultima has no control over the judgement of others & assumes no responsibility or liability of any nature for the failure of others to use good judgement.

Ultima Company LLC is not a representative of any other motorcycle engine manufacturer and the parts we sell are not necessarily recommended by any other motorcycle engine manufacturer.

All words used in this catalog denoting any motorcycle engine manufacturer, engine models or part numbers are intended for use as reference only. Although our replacement engines and engine parts are not original factory equipment for some manufacturers, our intention is to provide an exceptional quality replacement part that will outperform the original equipment of many OEM manufacturers. Harley-Davidson® Parts: Harley® and Harley-Davidson® and other model names of Harley® motorcycles are used as a reference only. Some H-D® part numbers are also used as reference only. We are not an authorized Harley® dealer and in no way do we have, or intend to imply any kind of business relationship with Harley-Davidson Motor Company®. Our intention is to provide products that can be used on a Harley-Davidson® motorcycle. Names and words that are registered trademarks of Harley-Davidson® Inc. Milwaukee, WI, such as Evolution®, Harley-Davidson®, Harley®, H-D®, HD®, and Softail® are not intended to imply that they are Harley-Davidson® original equipment by their use in connection with Harley-Davidson® factory part numbers.

All other trademarks, registered trademarks and brand names used in this catalog are the property of their respective holders.

Ultima is not a representative of any other motor or motorcycle manufacturer. All words used in this “Midwest Reference Guide” are intended for use as reference only. Although our motor replacement parts are not original equipment for some motor manufacturers, our intention is to provide an exceptional quality replacement part that meets, exceeds & outperforms the original equipment of many manufacturers. Names & words used in this “Midwest Reference Guide” that are registered trademarks of S&S® Cycle, Merch Performance® & Rev Tech® are not intended to imply that they are S&S® Cycle, Merch Performance® or Rev Tech® original equipment.

ULTIMA® 100, 107, 113 C.I., CE SERIES CASE

ULTIMA® 100, 107, 113 C.I., CE SERIES CASE

191-880Ultima lifter18523-86
278-670Rear Tappet block gasket
78-671Front Tappet block gasket
391-697Tappet blocks, 4.0” bore motors, w/hardware
491-775Pushrod cover assembly
591-795Pushrod set adjustable standard length
691-699Rocker arm set, 1.675 ratio
791-666Rocker arm shaft17611-83
878-675Pushrod O-ring upper11157
978-673Pushrod O-ring middle11132
1078-674Pushrod O-ring bottom11145
1166-242Exhaust stud16715-83
1291-569A2.250”x1.815” Intake valve seat (2.100)
1391-568A1.880”x1.495” Exhaust valve seat (1.700)
1491-747Intake valve 2.100”x4.580”
1591-748Exhaust valve 1.700”x4.620”
1693-772Compression release
1791-337Conical spring seat
1891-861Conical valve spring std.
1991-338Conical spring retainer, steel
2091-339Ultima® keeper/lock, conical spring, 7 degree
21*91-780Valve guide int. std.
91-782Valve guide int. +.001”
91-784Valve guide int. +.002”
22*91-781Valve guide exh. std.
91-783Valve guide exh. +.001”
91-785Valve guide exh. +.002”
2391-770Valve seal for BT, XL & TC
2489-519Rkr box hardware kit (2 rocker boxes)
2540-614Cam cover bolt kit
2677-109Rkr box gasket kit (2 rocker boxes), 06’-11’, no hole
77-111Rkr box gasket kit (2 rocker boxes), 12’-LTR, cntr hole
2789-541Rkr box cover, 06’-11’, no hole
89-544Rkr box cover, 12’-LTR, cntr hole
2889-545Rkr box center section, 06’-LTR
2989-540Rkr box base, 06’-11’
89-543Rkr box base, 12’-LTR, w/hole
3017-65Oil pressure switch26561-84
3189-518Rkr box reed valve kit (1 rocker box)26561-84
3241-888Spring cap26263-80
3395-828O-ring 84’-99’11105
3498-619Plunger spring26207-83
3598-620Check ball spring26262-80
3698-617Check ball8873
3898-618Idler pin26327-68
3998-605Gear, return idle 10T
4098-604Gear, return drive 10T
4198-607Gear, feed idle 10T
4298-606Gear, feed drive 10T
4395-753Oil seal26227-58
4498-329Clip ring11002
4598-334Drive shaft26346-70
4698-272Woodruff key26348-15
4721-185Spigot elbow
4898-622Pressure plug45830-48
4921-123Oil tank vent63533-41
5098-625Base gasket 92 & ltr
5198-627Cover gasket 92 & Ltr
5298-602Pump base H.O. 92 & ltr pol.
5398-603Pump cover H.O. 92 & ltr pol.
5441-740Oil pump hardware kit
5540-616Head bolt long16478-85
5640-617Head bolt short16480-92
5798-325Snap ring26348-36
5853-528Ignition rotor (gold)32402-83
5953-529Ignition rotor screw2611C
6091-352Ignition timing screws32606-82
6189-114Ignition cover, Ultima® w/screws
6295-222Oil seal83162-51
6388-110Cam cover25268-84A
6478-672Gasket, cam cover25225-70B
65114-246Cam for 100” & 107” Ultima® motor
114-245Cam for 113” Ultima® motor
66*98-378Cam shim .070”25554-36
98-375Cam shim .055”25551-36
98-376Cam shim .060”25552-36
98-377Cam shim .065”25553-36
98-379Cam shim .075”25555-36
98-380Cam shim .080”25556-36
6798-372Washer, cam thrust25550-57
6898-359Gear, oil pump drive26349-73
6998-305Woodruff key23985-54
7098-89Pinion Gear Spacer24703-54B
71*98-588Gear, pinion Red24043-78
98-585Gear, pinion Orange24040-78
98-586Gear, pinion White24041-78
98-587Gear, pinion Yellow24042-78
98-589Gear, pinion Blue24044-78
98-590Gear, pinion Green24045-78
98-591Gear, pinion Black24046-78
7298-358Gear, oil pump driven26345-73
73*98-512Breather gear std.25313-77
98-812Breather gear +.030” 77 & ltr25313-77
74*98-80Breather gear shim .110” 79 & ltr25313-77A
98-81Breather gear shim .115” 79 & ltr25321-79
98-82Breather gear shim .120” 79 & ltr25322-79
98-83Breather gear shim .125” 79 & ltr25323-79
7598-302Nut, pinion24023-54
7678-678Head gasket, front or rear, .035
7798-540Dowel pin .250”x.500”
7878-676Base gasket front
78-677Base gasket rear
7995-805Oil seal12026
8098-360Spacer, sprocket shaft 71-99 BT24002-700
8195-320Bearing & race set9028
82300-533Case bolt 5/16-18 x 2-3/4
83300-534Case bolt 5/16-18 x 3-1/2
84300-535Case bolt 1/4-20 x 4.0
8598-5476.125 Cylinder stud
8698-490ATiming plug720
8798-545Set screw 10-24
8898-540Dowel pin .250”x.500”
8998-5441/4 pipe plug for case
9095-429Bearing race24599-58B
91300-541Alignment pin .500” x.500” hollow
92300-125Case bolt 1/4-20 x 3-1/4
9398-5433/16 Hi pressure plug
94300-453Bushing, oil pump 36 & ltr
9695-173Cam bearing9058
9798-542Breather seperator tube
9898-531Pinion bearing retaining ring11177
99*95-602Pinion bearing White24626-87
95-603Pinion bearing Green24628-87
95-604Pinion bearing Red24641-87
95-605Pinion bearing Blue24643-87
10098-510Screen, crankcase24981-70
10198-511Spring, crankcase 70-99 BT24982-70
10298-538Screen plug
10398-339Sprocket shaft 81 & later
10494-137Woodruff key23985-56
10598-421Nut, crank pin 1”-2023969-83
10698-650Crankshaft halves only 4.250” Stroke 100” & 107”
98-651Crankshaft halves only 4.500” Stroke 113”
10798-539Nut, sprocket shaft 1-1/8”-1624017-80
10898-537Crankpin w/nut & key
10995-145Rod race set for 7.44” rods
11098-422Nut, pinion shaft 3/4”-2024016-80
11198-549Pinion Shaft .250” longer 100”, 107” & 113”
11298-475Woodruff key11218
11398-421Nut, crank pin 1”-2023969-83
11495-259Rod roller bearings & retainer cage24385-40B
11598-573Connecting rods H-beam 7.440” w/bushings & races
11695-142Replacement wristpin bushing .792”
11789-516Rocker box set, 06’-11’ (2 rocker boxes)
89-538Rocker box set, 12’-LTR (2 rocker boxes)
11898-554Crank assembly 4.250” Stroke 100” & 107” Complete
98-553Crank assembly 4.500” Stroke 113” Complete
11998-517Oil pump complete H.O. 92 & ltr polished
98-520Oil pump complete H.O. 92 & ltr black
120206-42Motor case 92 & ltr 3.875” & 4.0” bore. Natural
206-43Motor case 92 & ltr 3.875” & 4.0” bore. Black
206-72Motor case 92 & ltr 3.875” & 4.0” bore. Polished
12193-860100” Front cylinder natural 3.875” bore
93-861100” Rear cylinder natural 3.875” bore
93-864100” Front cylinder black 3.875” bore
93-865100” Rear cylinder black 3.875” bore
93-60100” Front cylinder polished 3.875” bore
93-61100” Rear cylinder polished 3.875” bore
93-858107”, 113” Front cylinder natural 4.0” bore
93-859107”, 113” Rear cylinder natural 4.0” bore
93-862107”, 113” Front cylinder black 4.0” bore
93-863107”, 113” Rear cylinder black 4.0” bore
93-58107”, 113” Front cylinder polished 4.0” bore
93-59107”, 113” Rear cylinder polished 4.0” bore