Years ago, all magneto suppliers used Fairbanks Morse magnetos (including Harley-Davidson).  But as the casting dies, QC, reliability, etc. went downhill, so did their reputation.  MORRIS MAGNETO set a goal of designing and building the magneto, an inherently reliable ignition, to be the ultimate ignition, easier starting than other available magneto brands.  We present the following comparison chart.

Today’s spark output is roughly double what it used to be, and we think you’ll agree the extra effort has been well worth it.  The rotor is an especially critical part, and ours is better by far; it’s bulletproof design for efficiency and resistance to malfunction is shared by all MORRIS MAGNETO models.


Morris MagnetoOthers
First to use on Harleys


First to make CNC billet housings
Smooth contoured look; no coil screwsyesno
Hand-cut brushed finishyesno
Line-bored top bearing locationyes?
Field laminations posi-locked in placeyesno way!


First rare-earth rotors
Magnets, retention2 full,sealed Stainless shell4 seg. open arc w/#4-40 screws
Cam angle adjustableyesno
Cam material, finishStainless Steel, polishedmild steel, mill finish
Magnetic field layout (also see torque)completebroken segments
Most magnet volume
Rotor shaft constructionOne-pieceTwo-piece
Shaft materialground, case-hardened to 60RCturned mild steel
Gear mount on shaft> 5/16 press, tacked5/16 undercut (small), pinned
ASSEMBLY – magneto head
Least torque needed to turn
Less eddy-currents, runs cooler
Cover gasketneoprene, .090″paper, .030″
Coil retentioninternal; sealedexternal
Orig. F-M blue-print specs accuracy< .001″.007″
Top bearing mount line-boredyesno
Bearing removal access holes32 (binds)
Support mount surface flatness<.002″>.004″
Unique easy-adjust points featureyesno
Orig. F-M design contact setyesno
Bottom sealdouble-lipsingle-lip
Shaft thrust surface, various modelsoilitesnap-ring


(defined as needing a sufficient kick to create a spark)
XL to ’70 & Flathd, advance mechanismyesno
36-’69 Big Twin, advance mechanismyesno
36-’69 Big Twin, drive mount sealsinternal & externalnone
36-’69 Big Twin, least clearance issues
70-’99 Big Twin, advance mechanismyesyes
70 up Big Twin, first upright model
70 up Big Twin dual mag (has advance)
70 up BT, no adv mech, horiz “sticks out”noyes
Pre-Unit Triumph, w/advance mechanismyesno
Pre-Unit Triumph,timing slots, fits boreYes, -.001″No, -.017”
Unit Triumph, ARD type mount,advanceyesno
Unit Triumph, model that “sticks out”noyes
Max number of moving parts, all models5>20
Yamaha XS650 magneto
NEW! Onboard retard-advance cap kit
IMPULSE COUPLED EASY START MAGSOnly available from Morris Magneto, no competitor models
(note, ’70 up Big Twin ‘look-alike’ is a standard type mag).
G-5 36-’69 Big Twin
Maximum clearance
H-5 36-’69 Big Twin generator mount
M-5 70-99 Big Twin
T-5 Twin Cam
oil fed gears, max. A/C clearance, more
case bolts (stock H-D 10)109
maximum air cleaner clearance
F-5 Flathead (on XL, carb interferes)


Standard models (comparable models)889. – 1295.834. – 1186.
Impulse models (polished, M5 brushed)1395. – 1649.not available