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Zero Offset Steel Pulley

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Zero Offset Steel Pulley
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Made in USA

These pulleys are made from a solid chunk of steel and are 23% lighter than the stock cast iron piece. We recommend long life pulleys for performance applications where 100,000 mile+ pulley life is required. Designed for long distance touring applications with mild to moderate engine performance upgrades.

All Big Twins with a belt drive from 1985-up have a 32 tooth transmission pulley. Changing to a different pulley with more or less teeth will change two performance attributes of your American machine: rear wheel torque and cruising RPM. Increasing rear wheel torque will increase acceleration. Installing a pulley with more than 32 teeth will decrease your acceleration through the gears and decrease your cruising RPM. Installing a pulley with less than 32 teeth will increase your acceleration through the gears and it will also increase your cruising RPM. This is called engineering compromise; to get one thing, you have to give up another.

However, Our BAKER Drivetrain 6-Speed Overdrive allows you to ‘cheat’ engineering compromise. It is common for our customers to install a 30 tooth pulley when they install our 6-Speed Overdrive. This gives them a 7% increase in rear wheel torque and an 8% lower cruising RPM on the highway. It is truly the best of both worlds for your American V-Twin.

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