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Replacement Clutch Pack Kits

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  • Proper stack height
  • BAKER OEM plates
  • Replacement clutch plates made from the highest quality fiber and steel
  • BAKER 9-Plate Street Clutch
  • BAKER King Kong Clutch
  • BAKER Synchonous Belt Drive Clutch
  • 2005-2010 Big Dog (By BAKER)

Please refer to Baker Drivetrain's Sprocket/Chain Matrix in order to find the correct pitch chain for your setup.

Listed in the options (above) as you buy:

Other Upgrades:

  • 9-tooth Starter Pinion (PN SP1000)
  • Fine Tooth Chain Adjuster  (PN FTA-A)
Replacement Clutch Pack Kits
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Made in USA

Clutch Pack Kits for BAKER clutches

BAKER Clutch Pack Replacement Kits contain all necessary fiber and steel plates to restore like new performance to your BAKER clutch. These are original equipment plates which will yield proper stack height and trouble free operation.

The most critical part of installing new clutch plates is getting the clutch stack height right. If the stack height is short, your new clutch will slip. To get the right stack height we sort through hundreds of plates and dimensionally select the right combination of plates to yield the right stack height. Final height check is verified (+/-.005”) on granite plate with a height guage and a 50 lb cylindrical weight sitting on top of the stack to simulate the pressure plate load.

9-Plate Clutch Stack for Big Dog 2005-2010

OEM replacement 9-plate clutch stack, pre-measured to a height of 1.960″, fits Big Dog models from 2005-2010. Replacement clutch stack can be used as a direct replacement for both existing 9-plate and 12-plate clutch configurations. If switching from a 12-plate stack to a 9-plate stack, you must also update the inner and outer ball and ramp assembly located in the pulley cover, for more information, please contact the BAKER Drivetrain tech department.

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